Mark Rodgers is the Founder and President of the Clapham Group, a strategic consulting firm in Washington, DC. Mark has been active in culture-cause marketing, and consults with such non-profits as the ONE Campaign, the Humane Society and the Chamber of Commerce. His clients include a number of foundations including The Gates Foundation and the Ann E. Casey Foundation. Mark has worked with entertainment companies such as Walden Media, Electronic Arts, Disney and Roadside Attractions, addressing issues including human trafficking, animal cruelty, global poverty and restorative justice. His work has a broad reach across many platforms including Razoo’s website; films like “Amazing Grace”, “Take”, and “Trade”; pivotal documentaries such as Street Stops Here, Cool It, Lazarus Effect; publications like Ratfist and Finding Danny; as well as the music industry with Myriad/Eating Mercifully. Mark served as the third-ranking staffer in the U.S. Senate, and was responsible for strategic planning. Mark has even overseen a national Presidential campaign.


Kirsten Mount is the Co-Founder of Cóng (pronounced ‘Song’) Circle and Cóng Studios. Growing up with a producer-father who founded and ran entertainment companies, Kirsten was immersed in the creative process from an early age. Compelled by China’s emergence on the world stage, Kirsten moved there in 2010, where she quickly fell in love with the Chinese people and culture. She taught at art schools and mentored young Chinese artists. Experienced in finding and empowering talent, Kirsten connected artists to studios and enabled them to prove their abilities, perform publicly and create marketable entertainment. In 2015, Kirsten launched Cóng Circle to more formally and broadly fulfill her vision to help enrich China’s arts and support artists, and in 2018 she launched Cóng Studios, a production company aimed at creating world-changing, studio level films for the global market.