The Vessel

The Vessel is a story set in a small coastal town ten years after a tsunami destroys the local elementary school with all the children inside. Based on true events, The Vessel takes viewers on a journey to wrestle with the question of why a good God allows suffering in the world.

Director Julio Quintana and producer Marla Quintana bring viewers on a journey where faith and tragedy collide, from a resurrection of a young man, to the rebirth of the town. Executive produced by Terrence Malick and Sarah Green, with associate producer Mark Rodgers and starring Martin Sheen, The Vessel allows us to think about God’s grace, while raising thoughts and questions, about relief and suffering.

The Vessel on Blu-Ray and DVD comes in both English and Spanish language versions. The versions also include deleted scenes and a behind-the-scenes documentary directed by Julio’s brother, Alex. The Vessel can be found on todo cine latino, Amazon, iTunes and Best Buy.

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